About Us

The history behind Perth’s trusted manufacturer of transportable units.

Supreme Craft has a rich history and is a fourth generation, family-owned company that has grown to become a market leader and highly respected provider of transportable units and houseboats. It all began with Mr. Daniel Bosveld and his dream for quality construction.

Ron Bosveld is the owner/operator of the family-owned Supreme Craft. His family is part of the construction industry history throughout Perth and the regional areas of Western Australia. Ron’s grandfather, Mr. Daniel Bosveld, was a prolific builder known for his ability to create sound homes and farm buildings, from the early 1950’s onwards. Many of those buildings still remain as monuments to the family’s pride in quality design and craftsmanship.

The Bosveld legacy has continued over the years, with two of Daniel Bosveld’s sons now much respected residential and commercial builders in Perth, until their recent respective retirements, when Ron took over.

Mr Ron Bosveld started his formal working life in concrete construction, before he turned his interest to marine construction. For 15 years, Ron worked for a major West Australian boat and ship building corporation, which is recognised for world-class design and construction. He has also completed major worldwide commercial and military contracts.

To further increased his knowledge, Ron worked with highly experienced craftsman who mentored him and taught him to hone his skill. He learned to meet exacting standards to turn out superbly finished products. Years down the line, an “A” Class Welder with D & V Welding Certification, Ron quickly became recognised for his ingenuity in design solutions and excellence in his products.

With his interest in boatbuilding and construction, formulating designs for a new creative design of houseboats and incorporating the latest technology and materials, Ron has continued to build the business. As such, Supreme Craft has naturally progressed and transitioned over a period of years to where it finally started constructing quality houseboats which are still recognised as market leaders.

At Supreme Craft, you are certain to receive nothing less that exceptional service and products, as usual.